Write what you know? Or break through the wall?

What do we do? As writers, we sit down at a convenient or comfy spot and pour our hearts out onto paper. Forgive the cliche. But what happens when you choose to write about something you don’t know? Something you haven’t expected first hand? Do you just make it up and hope it fits or do you move on to something else and possibly wait till you have the chance to learn?

This is what I’ve been struggling with. I am writing a story or a young girl who travels cross country. But I have never been west further than Ohio and not for many years.

So what to do? Push on through my work and hope it makes sense or let it go until I might have the opportunity to head out west and gain some first hand knowledge? I honestly don’t know and it’s been frustrating. I like to make my work as realistic as possible. Anything else would seem cheap and inauthentic. Perhaps it will stay in a drawer? Perhaps you just have to get words on paper. Either way it is frustrating and makes me discouraged. But I’m trying.

What do you say?

I’m on Tumblr

Hey there! So I decided to branch out a bit and created a page on tumblr. Take a visit! Just some posts and pictures I like. Hope you enjoy it!


An unexpected and inevitable lull…

Hello, all. So things have been progressing, albeit slowly and steadily. At the current moment I’m about 30k words into my next project. I’ve also been working on a little side project, a short story I was hoping to have ready by Halloween but that may not happen exactly as planned out. But lulls happen and you just have to force though it. 30k is a good landmark to hit, I feel, and I’m pretty proud to have gotten there. I’ll get to my next stopping point, 60k soon enough!

Till then, be well.


Hello everyone! My apologies for going off the grid for a good amount of time. Things have been steadily busy around the household but sometimes busy can be good! I’m working on my next book and hope to put a little sample of something up quite soon. Take care for now!

I may have won a contest…

I’ve been inactive for a little while but I hope to rectify that. I’m proud to announce that I entered a writing contest with Volo Press and I somehow managed to win! You can take a look at their winners circle where they have a little bio for me and a shot of my mug haha.

They also have my book for sale on their page. And dont forget it’s available on Amazon as well, ready for Prime shipment!


Procrastination? Or dry spell?

Hello there. I might have hit a lull in my writing but I’m trying to occupy my time productively. I try to write as often as I can and I honestly feel bad when I don’t come up with something, anything. There are days when I sit at my computer and stare at the same paragraph for two hours and I give up. I have friend who is a fellow author that tells me I’m being too hard on myself but I think if I don’t push it, nothing will ever come. Ah, well. As I said, I’m trying to keep productive in my little personal desert as I search for an oasis, so I’ve been working on painting Yoshi from Super Mario Bros. for my son’s upcoming birthday. Others will soon follow, I have the time. What do you think? It’s not finished yet so be kind. And yes, if you’re curious, that is indeed To Kill a Mockingbird playing in the background. I can watch the same movie for days and not get sick of it. Especially not that one. Be well.